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Toothless Pyrite Dragon - Spirit Animals

Toothless Pyrite Dragon - Spirit Animals

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You will receive 1 crystal dragon.

Of all spirit animals, the dragon totem is one of the most powerful. The dragon spirit animal has a wide range of emotions and qualities. These have many different meanings in your life if this spirit guide is your totem. The most common meanings have to do with fortitude, courage, and strength.

Pyrite is excellent for increasing the power of the Third chakra. Spiritually pyrite helps one integrate high frequency energy into the physical body. It is an ally in assisting one and taking action to create abundance in one's life. It's frequency is useful in stimulating creative energy.

Affirmation: my will is strong, and I use it to accomplish the manifestation of my most benevolent hopes and desires

*Crystals comes from Mother Earth, there will be slight variations for each stone, color, size, shape, etc. All metaphysical information given by The Healing Sanctuary is for spiritual purposes only.

*Each and every crystal shipped from us is blessed with Reiki Love.
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