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Moldavite Necklaces Sterling Silver

Moldavite Necklaces Sterling Silver

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Moldavite is quite popular in metaphysical circles and is well-known as a stone of spiritual awakening and an accelerant of personal evolution. As a green stone it is most active with the heart chakra, but the power of this stone can act on and open all chakras and enhance any spiritual pursuit.

***THIS IS REAL MOLDVITE. You will receive 1 moldavite pendant with chain ***will not be one pictured (1 gram)

Sterling Silver on an 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain

*Crystals comes from Mother Earth, there will be slight variations for each stone, color, size, shape, etc. All metaphysical information given by The Healing Sanctuary is for spiritual purposes only.

*Each and every crystal shipped from us is blessed with Reiki Love.
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