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Green Aventurine Pigs - Spirit Animals

Green Aventurine Pigs - Spirit Animals

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You will receive 1 crystal pig.

Invoke Pig as a Power Animal when you want to connect with Earth Magic on a deep level. Pig gives you the stability and grounding to have confidence in times of trouble. When you find yourself in a forest of options, turn to Pig to guide you in the best direction. Invoking Pig Energy as your Power Animal also gives you fierce courage. Pigs are weather harbingers too, so calling on the Animal during life’s storms may improve your standing. As a Power Animal, Pigs are among the most compassionate, sensitive creatures. Many Pigs are pink, which is the color of unconditional love and compassion.

Green aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest for life. It helps one move forward with confidence in new situations. Green aventurine is a stone of luck and is recommended for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity.

Spiritually green aventurine helps clear and reinforce the emotional body and heart chakra. It assists one in releasing attachment to outcomes and being more present in one's experiences. It helps one to be willing to heal and move forward in life.

Affirmation: I move forward with optimism, confidence and renewed vitality

*Crystals comes from Mother Earth, there will be slight variations for each stone, color, size, shape, etc. All metaphysical information given by The Healing Sanctuary is for spiritual purposes only.

*Each and every crystal shipped from us is blessed with Reiki Love.

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