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Fluorite Ducks - Spirit Animals

Fluorite Ducks - Spirit Animals

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You will receive 1 fluorite crystal duck ***These are TINY.

Duck as a spirit animal is a helpful guide for those who want to discover their true selves. It can assist you in uncovering your hidden emotions and identifying where you belong. Duck teaches you how to dive deep into inner dimensions on the quest for self-discovery, all while you develop a greater sense of community!

Fluorite is a force of order in the stone kingdom, giving form and structure to energies, ideas and concepts and helping them to manifest in three-dimensional reality. It helps scattered and discordant energies become cohesive in harmonic. Fluorite is a powerful wind element Stone.

Affirmation: my mind and heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose

*Crystals comes from Mother Earth, there will be slight variations for each stone, color, size, shape, etc. All metaphysical information given by The Healing Sanctuary is for spiritual purposes only.

*Each and every crystal shipped from us is blessed with Reiki Love.
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