About Us

Andrea Fix - Shop Owner

I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and I give and spread love through my stones and teas. All of my teas are organic and hand blended. Each and every item has been infused with Reiki Love.

I started to walk a spiritual path many years ago, my path has led me to study many different systems of healing. I am extremely passionate about living a cruelty-free organic lifestyle. I AM a spiritual warrior, lightworker, vegan animal loving yogi and a free-spirited lover of anything new age.

Enjoy shopping and if you have any questions about my gifts, please ask.

Bridget McCloskey - Wellness Coordinator

Passionate about all things New Age, Bridget embodies the vision of The Healing Sanctuary through social media, content creation, and hosting wellness events. She is a davidji Certified Meditation Teacher and Sound Healing Practitioner. She happily serves as a bridge for others to connect with stillness and Self.

Bridget is a fur mama to her Mini Aussie, Luna. She enjoys hiking, traveling & spending quality time with her loved ones.

Ashley O’Brien - Shipping Manager

Committed to ensuring your online experience is just as meaningful as your in-person experience, Ashley manages our online platforms of Etsy & Wholesale. A powerful Empath, she uses her ability to pick the crystals and gifts that were meant for you. She then packages & ships your gifts with loving kindness & care.

Ashley is a fur mama to her Cat, Willow and Black Lab, Koda. She loves plants, spending time with her animals and husband as well as being outdoors.

Gabi Devins - Store Manager

Conscious of the customer experience, Gabi ensures our community has a peaceful and easy time shopping with us. She manages the logistics of the shop, including inventory and purchasing. It’s with her organizational intelligence & excellence that we thrive.

Gabi is a mother of three beautiful children, Alex, Lauren and Kameron. She enjoys listening to live music, spending time outdoors and tending to her vibrant garden.

Annika O’Brien - Tea Maker

Purposeful in her practice, Annika is our Master Tea Maker. She knows the ins and outs of each blend ensuring that they are made with healing intention and love. From blending to bagging she works to provide peace & satisfaction to our tea community.

Annika is a mother of three sons, Alexander, Lucas, Jacob and the fur mama to her dogs Kramer and Connor. She loves spending time on the farm working with animals so much so that she’s written a children’s book about it! She also enjoys collecting rocks from beaches, especially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Lauren Knobloch - Store Associate

Enthusiastic about all things New Age, Lauren is our store fairy that helps in any direction she’s needed. It’s with her help & support we can succeed. Delighted by crystals, she is a wonderful resource for our customers. Using her empathic abilities, she can help choose crystals that best suit the user.

Lauren is a free-spirited young woman who loves spending time in nature, drawing & art as well as relaxing with her boyfriend.