Orgonite & Orgone Energy ✨

Orgone Energy ✨

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy. Reich was born in Austria in 1897. By 1922 he graduated from the University of Vienna as a Doctor of Medicine.

During the 1930s, Reich was performing experiments with airborne microorganisms. He discovered a particular type of radiation particle during these experiments with airborne organisms. He termed this particle “Orgone.” After further experimentation and research, Dr. Reich demonstrated that the Orgone radiation was the same energy that the sun gave off. Dr. Reich was able to culture and inoculate what he called “SAPA Bions” of the cosmic orgone energy. When he placed live cancer cells next to the Orgone “Bions,” the cancer cells would die. 

Dr. Reich was able to apply his earlier research on psychological disorders to the behavior of Orgone. When energy is blocked by traumatic memories and then stored in the tissues of the body, this can cause muscular tension. He termed this accumulation and blockage: “Armouring.” This stagnate energy becomes “Deadly Orgone Energy.” It is also referred to as “DOR.” Dr. Reich believed that Deadly Orgone Energy was primarily responsible for environmental decay, psychological and mental disturbances in life forms, and the body’s physical degeneration. Dr. Reich discovered the therapeutic use of Orgone’s ability to clear these energetic blockages within the body that would often be associated with significant diseases or illnesses, including cancer.




Orgonite ✨

Orgonite is made of Orgone Energy. The combination of crystals and precious metals like copper act as a beacon for orgone energy to radiant to its surroundings. Orgonite is a protector and neutralizer of that Deadly Orgone Energy and EMFs! With 5G, we are now almost always experiencing some level of radiation from our devices. Our body immediately has a stress response to these frequencies. Some examples of this stress response are:

  • Diminished blood flow and oxygen to organs
  • Impairment of all body systems
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Increased blood pressure & heart rate
  • Interference with cell metabolism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arthritis and more.

Simply having an orgonite crystal near or on you will block and protect you from those frequencies! Shop our selection of Orgonite Crystals for 15% OFF. Use Code: ORGONE 

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