Crystal Spheres 🟡

Crystal Spheres 

Crystals are formed into many different shapes giving them auras as unique as the crystal itself. Each shape carries a special meaning as it determines the direction of energy. However, crystal spheres are among the most powerful shape because of their perfect symmetry.  



The wholeness of a sphere provides perfect harmony accompanied by the highest positive vibration. Connected to our Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra, spheres are excellent intuition enhancers. This is why psychics will sometimes utilize a crystal ball as it's a conduit for insight. The smoothness of a sphere also reminds us to communicate with clarity. 

Spheres are healing in the sense that they offer a divine connection to positivity and presence. Witnessing a spheres energy will bring joy, trust, and surrender to what is. Physically, spheres improve our wellbeing by cleansing our aura, releasing blockages, stagnant energy, and they also make great massagers! 

Emotionally, spheres emit the healing energy of compassion. Their harmonious shape reminds the user that we are all one. Spiritually, the sphere is sacred. Working with crystal spheres will increase your intuition and awareness of the divine. 

Spheres are wonderful chakra cleansers. When working with a specific chakra, correlate your crystal and allow it to nurture and expand your auric field.

How To Use Crystal Spheres

Thanks to its perfect symmetry a crystal sphere releases positive energy in all directions. It also helps to clear out negativity or chaos by bringing the surrounding energies into harmony.

Meditating with a crystal sphere is extremely effective at purifying your aura - especially when it's a crystal that naturally soaks up negativity, like selenite or tourmaline.

Placing a crystal sphere in your home or workplace will provide positive feng shui and encourage you to be your best. You can program or charge your crystal with a specific intention to enhance it's positive vibration. 

Crystal spheres also make wonderful gifts because they represent wholeness, oneness and purity. 


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