Charoite 💜

Charoite 💜

Discovered on the Chara River that runs through the Sakha Republic of Siberia in the 1940s, Charoite is a rare gem that only exists in this one place—made of potassium, barium, calcium strontium, and hydrogen silicate mineral. It is a unique purple gem with a violet-to-dark purple hue, complete with delightful swirls.




Charoite is a stone of transformation and unconditional love making it an excellent crystal to connect with leading into the New Year. Full of emotional healing and spiritual strength, Charoite's high vibrational energy is radiant to the touch.

Charoite lights up the room! It promotes positive transformation and gives the user the necessary boost to believe in themselves and say "yes" to positive action. It sheds light on behaviors that don't serve your highest good and encourages users to use their most profound insight when making choices. Charoite is the Russian word for "magic charm," which is precisely what it feels like to carry this precious gem.





 Physically, Charoite reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Connect with this crystal to promote high vibrational healing and vitality when you're sick. The peaceful energy can also assist those with ADHD. Charoite is a natural detoxifier and helps soothe aches and pains.

Mentally and Emotionally, Charoite gives you the courage to show up authentically with the confidence to back it up. It's an excellent stone for decision-making because of its loving essence. It will encourage you to make choices based on love rather than fear or worry.

Spiritually, Charoite brings the energy. Its deep purple cleanses the heart, third eye, and crown charka leaving you feeling revitalized and connected with your highest self. By opening and clearing these chakras, we put ourselves in a position to shift our consciousness, allowing us to show up with an open heart.

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