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Anahata Chakra Tea

Anahata Chakra Tea


All of the herbs in this blend will help to stimulate and move the energy of the Anahata (heart) Chakra. The lemongrass and lemon verbena will help to release blockages and stagnate energy and the roses and jasmine will help to balance the energies.

The Heart Chakra is our love center; it creates vulnerability, anxiety, and dependency but also unconditional love and self love. Anahata involves heart, soul, and body. The Heart Chakra is the center of deep connection and compassion for other people, animals and the environment. Emotional healing is part of a balanced Heart Chakra. By learning to accept yourself, trust and be compassionate, you balance the Heart Chakra.

Organic: roses, jasmine flowers, lemon verbena, lemongrass, rosehips

You will receive 2 oz of Anahata Chakra Tea

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