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Reading Dark Room Oracle is a workshop designed to instruct on the original intention of the deck and suggested use.

The Dark Room Oracle Deck is an independent and self published oracle, designed and written by Nebi Void. She is an artist, shadow worker and folk healer. Her divination tools, candles and courses aim to assist those wishing to navigate self evolution through the lens of the Shadow.

In this class we will discuss:

-the creation and conception of the deck, how this aided personal shadow work and how creative freedom assists in transforming Shadow themes.

– attune with deck and methods of consecration

-explore the visual and written meaning of each card

-understand dualities

-navigate concerns and experiences of Shadow Work

-explore methods of intuitive reading

-utilize spreads in the guidebook and create new ones

-meditate upon our current archetypes

Students will need:

+Dark Room Oracle Deck (comes with class)

+notebook and pen

+open mindedness and curiosity

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