Crystal Healing For Fall 🍂

Crystal Healing For Fall 🍂

This week we're focusing on crystal healing for the fall season. We're talking immune boosters, grounding stones, and transformation. 


Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is first on the list not only for its natural spooky essence but because of its transformative and grounding properties. Connected to the Root Chakra, Smokey Quartz helps us go inward to visit those darker parts of ourselves that require nurturing and transmutation.


Smokey Quartz Clusters

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Labradorite is one of the staff favorites for its beautiful natural sheen. The flashes of light remind us to connect with our divine spark. Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Labradorite provides clarity in expression. It enhances our intuition, making this an excellent stone to work with going into the season of reflection.

Labradorite Flash Palm Stones


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Black Obsidian 

Of course, Black Obsidian is a must for the Spooky Season. This moody stone is excellent for cutting ties and absorbing negativity. Associated with the Root Chakra, Obsidian cleanses and provides a deep connection to the Earth. Black Obsidian is also known for drawing out disease and infection! We recommend combining this stone with your spiritual practice to aid in letting go.

 Black Obsidian Puffy Heart


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Our final choice for Fall Crystal Healing is Pyrite. Best used for protection and prosperity, Pyrite is ideal for the season of transformation because of its natural enhancing properties. The essence of Pyrite will amplify any inner work you perform. Associated with the Solar-Plexus Chakra, Pyrite gives us the strength, energy, and willpower we may need as the seasons change.


Pyrite Cluster


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