Crystals for Self-Love 💜✨

Namaste, Healing Sanctuary Community. 

This week, we're putting our awareness on Self-Love. 

The act of Self-Love is crucial on a healing journey. The unconditional loving kindness we offer ourselves relieves self-imposed judgments, toxic thoughts, and behaviors. As a New Age Boutique, we're thrilled to provide you with gifts, tools, and services to aid you on your journey. 

We host classes because we feel inner healing is important. While our gifts possess lovely healing benefits, pairing them with a spiritual practice will surely enhance your well-being in all realms. 


Crystals for Self-Love.

Amethyst is one of our go-to crystals for cultivating self-love. This is because of its direct connection to your Highest Self. The deep purple bridges us to our Crown Chakra or Sahasrara; associated with divine consciousness, trust, and light. 


Rose Quartz is another crystal directly correlated to self-love. It's no wonder it's become one of the most popular crystals to date. The pink and rosy color bridges us to our Heart Chakra or Anahata; our center of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion. 




Finally, we recommend Carnelian. Its red and orange hues connect us with our Root and Sacral Charka or Muladhara/Svadhisthana, our centers of grounding, balance, stability, creativity, and rebirth. Carnelian is wonderful for building confidence and connection, therefore, cultivating self-love.



Self-Love in Action.

Action is essential in life. It's the catalyst for change, growth, and, transformation. This week, we invite you to participate in a Self-Love Walking Meditation. Here's how it works.....

Go for a walk. This could be in your neighborhood, through a wooded trail, whatever you fancy. While you walk, reflect on these questions with a compassionate heart.

1. "Who am I when I am at my best version?" 

2. "Do I give myself permission right now to accept and love myself as I am?"

Receive 20% off your next order by tagging us in a photo of something that inspires you while on your mindful walk. (we will send a special discount code to participants directly.) valid online and in-person. 



Happy Healing. We hope you have a fabulous week celebrating YOU! 💜🙏✨

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