Spreading love through my stones and teas

Spreading love through my stones and teas

Andrea Fix – Shop Owner

I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and I give and spread love through my stones and teas. All of my teas are organic and hand blended. Each and every item has been infused with Reiki Love.

I started to walk a spiritual path many years ago, my path has led me to study many different systems of healing. I am extremely passionate about living a cruelty-free organic lifestyle. I AM a spiritual warrior, lightworker, vegan animal loving yogi and a free-spirited lover of anything new age.

Enjoy shopping and if you have any questions about my gifts, please ask.

Ashley – Team Member

Hello! My name is Ashley. I’ve always had a passion and love for plants. Having the opportunity to work with them is overly exciting.

Since becoming a part of the team at The Healing Sanctuary, I have become more interested in Reiki and energy healing. I can’t wait to share those interests and experience the growth down the road.